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...Learning to love and to cherish

working with people who desire and are determined 

to invest in and make their marriage work

The DY Relationship Clinic (DYRC) COMMUNITY is made up of over 19,000 people on our Facebook group. Our community is a relationship building forum set up as support Network for anyone and everyone who seeks or desires to build and make their relationship /marriage work. It is for both married and singles. It is free to join. You can join and add friends and family to the group.

The DY Relationship Clinic (DYRC) MARRIAGE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (MM PROGRAM) is a dedicated marriage building package designed to working with you and your spouse to help develop a more positive mindset towards marriage, in order to build a loving, lasting and committed marriage.

- It is not a couple's therapy program.

- It is not a couple's coaching program.

It is simply our own developed method called THE MARRIAGE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM (MM PROGRAM). It is a very successful program, tried and tested over 15 years with positive life changing results. You too can try this program today.

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